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Updated March 2016

‘mesmerizing entertainment ... formidably inventive’ – John Greening, Times Literary Supplement, on Robert Saxton’s Manganese

‘intellectually persuasive, tough-minded and strikingly outspoken... one heck of a craftsman, producing a dexterously sculpted poetry’ – Matt Simpson, Orbis, on Manganese

Robert Saxton is the author of six books of poetry, including a rendition of Hesiod in sonnets and his latest book, Six-way Mirror, a 30,000-word prose poem which is structurally based on the I Ching:

The Promise Clinic
- Enitharmon 1994

- Carcanet / OxfordPoets 2003

Local Honey
- Carcanet / OxfordPoets 2007

Hesiod's Calendar
- Carcanet / OxfordPoets August 2010

The China Shop Pictures
- Shearsman October 2012

Six-way Mirror
- Angle Shades Press May 2016

Gentle plea:
"Please do not understand me too quickly." - André Gide



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